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About Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster is a community of leading information technology companies, which together with universities and local authorities improve and develop IT in the city. We took a lead to conduct systematic changes in the business environment of the city and the country.

The activity of Lviv IT Cluster is one of the priorities throughout Lviv competitiveness Strategy

We see Lviv as a European city that Ukrainian and international companies from the information technologies sphere select for their effective development of business.

Lviv is a city with the highest quality of education in Ukraine, the city of comfortable life, professional growth opportunities, city of new technologies development and progressive ideas realization.

Lviv IT Cluster implements the projects which help to develop Lviv IT industry and maintain the brand of Lviv as a city with pleasant conditions for business, career growth, and living. Our project activities are aimed at socially important industries: education, infrastructure, and promotion.

We are also exploring new directions related to technologies of the future and international cooperation.

The main goal of Lviv IT Cluster is to accomplish projects which help to develop IT industry and to support image of Lviv as a city with favorable conditions for business, careers and life.

Cluster works in main areas: promotion, education (human capital), infrastructure (quality of life), business support and development.

We also explore new promising areas related to future technologies and international cooperation.

Lviv IT Cluster activities




Promotion of the IT industry – one of the main missions of Lviv IT Cluster. A famous historic city is now positioning itself as a bustling and modern technology center.

Promo projects of Lviv IT Cluster include a large-scale tech conference IT Arena and an executive business event IT Jazz; English-language magazine ITID Lviv which tells stories on local tech scene, exciting projects and achievements of Lviv IT specialists, etc; IT Research, annual report on Lviv IT industry, research of the industry development dynamics and its effect on adjacent industries; promotion of Lviv IT companies as an important export-orientated industry via a joint marketplace.

Promo projects help to develop the brand of the city in a new format – as a city of the future, the city of human potential, and an important Ukrainian IT center.



Lviv IT Cluster is aiming to tranform Ukrainian education system by actively involving IT companies in modernization and improvement of degree programs and courses at local universities.

In the context of the project IT Expert Lviv IT Cluster launches new Bachelor programs at public universities. IT Future project aimed to promote tech industry and its opportunities among students from Lviv and the region via expert lectures, inspirational stories of IT professionals, and educational tours to IT companies. Besides, Lviv IT Cluster oganizes student startup competition Tech Battle and IT Challenge for the best students from Lviv region to motivate them improving tech skills.



Infrastructure projects of Lviv IT Cluster are a chance to make a quality impact on the modern urban development of the city and make Lviv attractive and comfortable for life and work: both for businesses and IT professionals working in the city.

Among infrastructure projects of Lviv IT Cluster: the first in Ukraine housing for a community of IT specialists – IT House and IT Village, based on which we expect a growth of active communities of cohabitants, owners of common space and just the best neighbors, which is the key to sustainable development of the city. Lviv IT Cluster has also initiated the launching of a large-scale tech park for the local IT business – Innovation District IT Park, which will transform Lviv into a real business center with modern offices, labs, and a modern university campus by 2020.

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  • Lviv as ІТ centre
    Turn Lviv into one of the largest IT centers in Central-Eastern Europe and to maintain this status.
  • Business eco-system development
    Encourage the development of business eco-system for Lviv IT Cluster and the companies which belong to it.
  • Development of IT in Ukraine
    Establish contacts and promote cooperation between IT companies and clusters in different cities for the development of IT in Ukraine
  • Access to human capital 
    Ensure that Cluster companies have access to the pool of competent human capital and young specialists have access to educational opportunities
  • Сooperation between universities and IT companies
    Create one of the most effective systems in Eastern Europe of interaction and communication between  universities and companies which work in the fields of information and  hi-tech technologies
  • Implemenation of international projects
    Maintain a status of recognized institution for cross-sectoral collaborative projects’ implementation

Cluster History

Global Logic joined Cluster

GlobalLogic is a full­ lifecycle product development services leader headquartered in the US and represented in eight countries worldwide. The company is focused on software development in such domains as media, electronics, healthcare, finance, retail and telecom. Both ambitious startups and industry leaders are among GlobalLogic’s clients. GlobalLogic Ukraine is one of the TOP­5 largest IT companies of the country. Its offices are located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Mykolaiv with more than 2500 IT experts involved.

DataArt became a new Cluster participant

DataArt is an American outsourcing company that develops software. Among DataArt clients, you can find technology companies and investment funds, representatives of the mobile technology market, online travels, mass media, medicine, and and Internet projects.

BLPS Group from now on is a part of a Cluster

BLPS Group is engaged in developing the most affordable programs for learners, functional products for users, provides the most effective high quality services and platforms ready to use for publishers and content providers. Gateway2Achieve™ – the next generation of educational programs and BLPS Content Connections™ – providing high-quality services in the field of publishing is are several of company initiatives.

Kyivstar became new member of Lviv IT Cluster

Kyivstar – Ukrainian telecommunications operator, provides services and data from a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies. Operator services are used by over 26 million mobile customers and around 800 thousand broadband internet users.

InternetDevels s becomes the new member of Lviv ITCluster

InternetDevels Drupal Development Company has 8 years of experience in providing web development services for clients across the globe. Over 100 skilled experts with a big passion for their profession are able to handle tasks of any complexity. Company’s services include Drupal and Symfony website development, module development, UX and UI design, QA testing, SEO, website support, hosting and much more. InternetDevels are active members of the Drupal community, organizers and sponsors of domestic and international Drupal events.

We welcome Intelliarts in Lviv IT Cluster’s community!

Intelliarts is a custom software development and consulting company, with research and development centre in Lviv, Ukraine and representative office in Munich, Germany.

Since company establishment in 1999, Intelliarts have been delivering first-class software development services to their customers worldwide. Intelliarts’ portfolio includes more than 100 successfully completed software development and consulting projects for more than 20 customers from Europe and United States.

Vakoms enters Lviv IT Cluster

Vakoms has been operating in the IT market since 2010. Comany has more than two and a half hundred of successfully completed projects under its belt; among them – mobile applications and services, websites, databases, and cloud solutions. Companys clients range from promising startups to big market players based in the USA, Israel, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European countries as well as Canada, Hong Kong and Australia.Vakoms’ developments are represented in the following business domains: E-Commerce, business intelligence, Big Data, sport, health and medicine, smart house, multimedia, games, travel and leisure.

We are growing – Uarnet has joined Lviv IT Cluster community!

Lviv IT Cluster welcomes Uarnet in its community! Uarnet has been providing Internet access services for our 20 years now. During this time the company has became a leader in the Western Ukraine.

NORM has joined Lviv IT Cluster!

NORM – Information Technologies Support & Investments creates IT and telecom solutions in response to the present-day demands of science and industry. Interdisciplinary projects are implemented by scientists and engineers from across various fields of knowledge. NORM’s driving force is the desire to combine multiple disciplines of science and technology in search for applications harmoniously tailored to the surrounding environment. Witnessing the scientific life Poland, NORM is aware of the huge professional potential of Polish scientists, emerging from the rich scientific traditions. NORM was established to take full advantage of this creative and valuable potential.

Intellias joined Lviv IT Cluster

Intellias is Ukrainian IT company with 14 years of experience in software development. Over 400 professionals in the software development branch work on customer’s projects from countries in Western Europe, from USA and Canada.

KindGeek became a member of Lviv IT Cluster!

KindGeek is a company of ambitious technology professionals. Company’s main idea is really simple – to help smart people, entrepreneurs, and companies with technology aspects of their projects. KindGeek gives them the opportunity to focus on the business while the company does what we do best – amazing software development. KindGeek is a friend of startups, small and medium businesses.

Customer`s location is wide – United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa. KindGeek was founded in February 2015, based on four principles which we practice every day: trust, transparency, a sense of beauty and social responsibility. We are a people oriented company. We believe that the only way to achieve outstanding results is to do the right things with the right people

Lviv IT Cluster got a new member – Rolique!

Rolique is a web-development company, originally founded in Lviv, Ukraine. Having built a stable and perspective company with dedicated team in Lviv, later on we expanded our operations to Poland and Germany.  Our specialization is design and development of custom websites and applications.We collaborate with clients to create successful digital businesses, products, and services.

Our team always strives for development of flawless, cleverly designed software. We truly believe that a small group of experts working towards a common goal is capable of achieving amazing results.

Great news! Levi9 has joined Lviv IT Cluster!

We’re really pleased to tell you that a new company has just joined Lviv IT Cluster! Meet Levi9 – established in 1989, Levi9 IT Services Ukraine is known as the oldest professional IT outsourcing company nevertheless ceasing to be at the cutting edge of technology development.

Levi9 employees truly believe that working at the company is much more than a job — you will be a part of a dynamic, qualified and motivated European team with a unique corporate family spirit.

Nestlé joined Lviv IT Cluster!

Nestlé Business Service Lviv (NBS Lviv) – an international division of Nestlé, integrated into the structure of the service center. Nestlé provides standardized services to divisions of the company in important business processes such as payroll, personnel administration data, and accounting operations. This allows the company to focus on core business objectives and achieve market success.

We are happy to welcome COI in our team!

COI is a team of smart pros with brains and ideas outside the box. The company looks for decent challenges, strives for valuable knowledge and inspiring projects. Taking everything straight on, COI evolves and makes really cool things in:

  • Software. Desktop and mobile apps, websites.
  • Marketing. Branding, SMM, design and photos.

Executive Director of Lviv IT Cluster

Executive Director manages Secretariat which is a working body of Lviv IT Cluster. This is a Cluster team that is engaged in the direct implementation of Lviv IT Cluster projects.


Stepan Veselovskiy
CEO of Lviv IT Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster overcomes obstacles to strengthen and develop IT industry on local and national levels, as well as to prove the competitiveness of Ukrainian IT education and IT business in Europe and the whole world!


Office in Ukraine

79019, 4 Vesniana st,
Business Incubator
“Startup Depot”,
Lviv, Ukraine

Cell: 0800 300 331
Email: info@itcluster.lviv.ua

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