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Lviv IT Cluster is a community of IT companies, authorities, and educational institutions determined to work on the development of the IT sphere and our region through education, promotion of the industry (city, region, companies), and infrastructure.


In the future, we see Lviv becoming the center of world-class cutting-edge technology.
Our mission is to work towards it turning into reality.


Lviv IT Cluster is a progressive tech community that with its successful projects makes Lviv closer to the top European cities in terms of quality of life, infrastructure development, quality of technical education, well-known tech products, and necessary conditions for starting and conducting business.


Lviv is the technological center of Eastern Europe

Dublin is the Silicon Valley of Europe; London is the fintech capital; Berlin is the major startup hub; Lisbon is the best city for digital nomads; Estonia is a new startup destination. And what about Lviv? We look forward to the moment when the word association becomes the following: Lviv is the technological center of Eastern Europe. We plan to achieve this through a new brand positioning of the city, success stories of local companies and products, attracting tech talents in Lviv and organizing large-scale tech events.


City for comfortable living

In order for our city to become maximally comfortable, infrastructure must be up to the level. Our community aims to improve Lviv’s infrastructure to reach the level of Europe’s top cities. What can we do to achieve this? Improve office infrastructure,  support the launch of new flights from Lviv, assist the city with the implementation of smart solutions for transport and infrastructure systems and give access to the resources of IT companies.


Lviv is the center of technical education in Ukraine

Lviv is a student center of Western Ukraine, which boasts well-known universities. We aim to strengthen the brand of Lviv as a scientific and student center that provides the best innovative education in technical fields. We are going to build the brand with our innovations, advancements, and modernization of the existing educational system engaging IT experts. We are going to promote the growth of the number of graduates with tech majors, launch new training programs, and assist in preparing teaching staff for universities and schools.


The most attractive Ukrainian city for IT specialists

We strive to make Lviv attractive for talented tech specialists, young entrepreneurs, which can become a destination for relocation, a place of numerous career opportunities, and a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, we have been promoting our city as open to IT professionals from Ukraine and abroad. We are going to conduct a survey among those who have relocated to Lviv, as well as who are planning to relocate.


A city of innovative projects and startups

For Lviv to be present on the map of the world’s best products and startups, we have founded the first club of angel investors in the region Lviv Tech Angels to support products developed in Lviv.


The most robust business community in Lviv

We strive to make the Cluster IT community the most influential and powerful in the city, with our views to be taken into account for making critical strategic decisions in the city. We also plan to strengthen the focus on companies within the community. Members of Lviv IT Cluster are companies of different sizes and needs, so we aim to help all companies that lack expertise or experience in a particular area of business


Lviv IT Cluster implements projects that support the brand of a progressive city, such as promotion, education, development of international relations, and infrastructure ones.



Promotion is one of the primary missions of Lviv IT Cluster. We want to prove that Lviv is not only the capital of aromatic coffee but also a place where cutting-edge technologies are being developed. 

Thanks to a large-scale tech conference IT Arena and business event Lviv IT Jazz, Lviv has been placed on the international event map. The quarterly printed magazine ITID Lviv recounts the achievements of Lviv IT specialists, the most exciting projects, and tech solutions. IT Research shows the dynamics and impact of IT in other industries and the local economy.



Lviv IT Cluster is engaging progressive companies in modernization of the Ukrainian education system. The development of new Bachelor programs are part of the IT Expert project. IT Future experts tell students about career opportunities in tech. Besides, one can try out their skills by taking part in student startup competitions Tech Battle and IT Challenge.



Lviv IT Cluster infrastructure projects offer a chance to influence Lviv urban development. The Cluster’s projects include the first in Ukraine housing for a community of IT specialists IT House and IT Village. We believe that a responsible neighborhood is a key to a sustainable urban development. To further enhance the infrastructure landscape in Lviv, Lviv IT Cluster initiated the launch of a large-scale IT business park Innovation District IT Park, which will transform the city into a real business center with modern offices, labs, and a university.

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Executive Director of Lviv IT Cluster

Executive Director manages Secretariat which is a working body of Lviv IT Cluster. This is a Cluster team that is engaged in the direct implementation of Lviv IT Cluster projects.
Stepan Veselovskiy

CEO of Lviv IT Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster overcomes obstacles to strengthen and develop IT industry on local and national levels, as well as to prove the competitiveness of Ukrainian IT education and IT business in Europe and the whole world!


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