Design follows us everywhere we go: the moment we open an app, turn on the TV, or purchase anything. Literally any product we buy has a team of graphic or UX/UI designers behind it. As technology advances, the design also evolves. What is the new reality of design? How does the role of the designer change? And what’s the secret sauce to building strong design teams? The July issue of ITID Lviv explores design (and beyond), showcasing the most interesting projects, ideas, and people in our city.

We approach complex design solutions in the healthcare industry, dwell upon the concept of accessible design, and introduce you to exciting pet projects of local designers. In a bid to unravel challenges and opportunities in design, we share a personal story of a swift career change from senior QA to junior UX. Our July theme revolves around the people at the frontline of designing a better, bolder, and brighter future. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

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